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Filha’s election goals in the parliamentary elections 2023

Lung diseases – prevention and development of treatment

Our goal is healthy lungs!

Goal 1: Equal and first-class lung cancer diagnosis and treatment for all

In order to improve the prognosis and treatment of lung cancer and to detect lung cancer much earlier in Finland, we need:

  • Development of lung cancer diagnostics
  • Improvement of lung cancer treatment
  • Streamlining care chains and improving quality
  • Increasement of domestic lung cancer research
  • Reduction of the stigma associated with lung cancer

Currently, the reporting, collection and recording of information related to lung cancer is incomplete. In order to guarantee high-quality and effective lung cancer treatment and diagnostics for everyone, we need reliable and comparable information on the factors affecting the quality of treatment at the national level.

Therefore, we are demanding:
Establishing a lung cancer quality register

Goal 2: Support for those who quit smoking

Health care must support those who quit smoking.

  • A significant number of smokers want to quit and they should be offered sufficient expert support by social and healthcare professionals at a low threshold.
  • Wellbeing service counties should offer versatile withdrawal methods, such as individual and group guidance, telephone support and digital forms of support.
  • Regionally, it would be worthwhile to establish tobacco and nicotine withdrawal coordinating units that would help in the planning and development of withdrawal services, in the development of health care professionals’ withdrawal skills, and in monitoring the quality of withdrawal methods.

See the entire election program:

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