muokattu: 27.3.2023

Airborne infection prevention and control

In collaboration with End Tuberculosis Initiative (ETTi, Stop TB Partnership Working group) Filha took part in a project on airborne infection control for the development of educational materials in South Africa in autumn 2022.

At the 7th South African TB Conference in Durban was presented a hands-on airborne IPC workshop. The workshop reinforced the basics of TB/airborne IPC using presentations followed by hands-on practical exercises which allowed participants to learn how to maintain GUV, ventilation parameters and biosafety cabinets, respiratory protection, and optimizing patient flow in health care facilities.
The lectures and practical exercises can be viewed at this link.

airborne infection prevention and control, Catherine Boot HospitalAirborne IPC measures were also evaluated at Catherine Booth Hospital and King Dinizulu Hospital (based on virtual tours). These two facilities offered an opportunity to present a smaller rural location and a larger urban facility. Tours give an opportunity to get acquainted with the structure of the hospitals and their functioning, plans, patient flows, implemented airborne IPC measures, local and international regulations related to IPC. You are welcome!