muokattu: 20.2.2024

Support us

By donating to Filha you are supporting our efforts to promote lung health in Finland. At Filha we are currently engaged in n research and work related to conditions such as lung cancer, tuberculosis, sleep apnoea, and COVID-19. Additionally, combating tobacco and nicotine products an importart part of what we do.

Donations and testaments

Donations and testaments have had a significant role in Filha’s over 110-year history. In the early days of our history, these funds were used in the fight against tuberculosis, which has since become a rarity in our country thanks to these efforts. Our work to conquer tuberculosis and promote lung health continues.

Filha is a nonprotif association and is not required to pay inheritance tax on the testaments it receives. This allows us to use your donation to its full extent for the benefit of lung health. If you haven’t made a will and do not have closer relatives than cousins, your property will be inherited by the state. In a will, you can designate all or parts of your property one or more organizations that promote causes important to you.

If you are considering making a donation or creating a testament in favor of Filha, please contact our secretary general, Tuula Vasankari. All contact information can be found here.