muokattu: 1.9.2023

European Clinical Respiratory Journal has received its first Impact Factor

Communication from the editors

On the 21st of August 2023, the following was released:

It is with great pleasure, that we as editors of the European Clinical Respiratory Journal can hereby announce, that the journal has officially received its first Impact Factor. The journal is already indexed for major libraries, most importantly, PubMed.

For some years, it has been the wish of the editorial team, that the journal should have an Impact Factor, since it is important for authors and readers to know, on average, how many times a paper in the journal is cited.

As a relatively new journal, so far running on a minimum budget, we find it satisfying for the moment, that the Impact Factor has been calculated to 1.9 placing the journal in Q3 at 68/99 journals in respiratory system.

For comparison, the latest released impact factor for Clinical Respiratory Journal, was 1.8, for Breathe, was 0.5, for Canadian Respiratory Journal, was 2.1 and for International Journal of COPD, was 2.8.

In 2022, we rejected approximately 70% of all submissions (a number that has increased from approx. 20%), which basically means that the quality of submissions has increased to a level, where it is necessary to reject by far most of the submitted papers.

We wish to thank you all for your scientific contributions to the journal, both as authors and for the major task you are all taking when you act as referee/reviewer on submitted papers.

The editors have been working in a targeted way to reduce the turnover time for submitted papers; this is judged by many authors to be key in the decision to submit to a certain journal.

The declared aim, which can most often be met, is:
– Editorial reject: within 7 days
– First review completed and editorial decision: within 30 days
– Subsequent review rounds + editorial decision: within 30 days

Further, we wish to remind all, that the article processing fee is reduced by 50% for all members of all official Nordic Respiratory Medicine Societies.

Hereby, and by other means, we aim to increase further the number of submitted high quality manuscripts.

The Editorial Team at European Clinical Respiratory Journal, who are

Associate Editors:
Pradeesh Sivapalan
Charlotte S. Ulrik
Karl Franklin
Alan Altraja
Jann Mortensen
Tor Biering-Sørensen
Elisabeth Bendstrup
Yunus Çolak
Zitta Barrella Harboe
Uffe Bødtger
Hans Jürgen Hoffmann
Ulla Møller Weinreich
Christian B. Laursen
Deputy Editor-in-Chief:
Vibeke Backer
Jens-Ulrik Jensen