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Counseling, counseling and care for respiratory patients are offered in many different places. “We want to clarify our way of working; who does what and where and where the client is directed at any given time, and no one is left in for a while, ”says Marja-Terttu Nuorivuori of the City of Kouvola. Another goal for the project is to consult the customer’s individual needs and support self-care. Customers are interviewed and involved in developing and evaluating their services.

Functional bellows – The target group for the project are the elderly asthma and COPD and their relatives. The project has started cooperation with the city and local associations and pharmacies.

In the framework of the project, two events will be organized for the respiratory patients in February-March:

15.2 . from 8 to 14 counseling opportunity , the Hansa Center

8.3. 14 – 18 no age crowded – public conference , Kouvola House

Experiences from Salo

A similar project has been carried out earlier in Salo. On the basis of interviews conducted there, respiratory illnesses need clear information on clear self-care instructions (medication, nutrition, exercise, exacerbations, sos. Safety) to support their illness and practical everyday life, as well as information on whom to contact in case of problems. In difficult and advanced respiratory illnesses, the role of the relatives is emphasized and their information needs should be taken into account when arranging counseling. People with severe respiratory illness are afraid of getting home and going to bed and getting to the hospital. They are also afraid of death, and end-of-life care should be spoken in good time to both the patient and the relatives.

“Kouvola has versatile services for respiratory patients. We are now strengthening cooperation between different actors and customers and collecting self-care and coping services across a service map that extends beyond the administrative boundaries, ”emphasizes project manager Ulla Veteläsuo from the Pulmonary Health Organization Filha ry. The project will also support the skills of those involved in care by coordinating education and other skills-enhancing activities.

Additional Information:

Project Manager Ulla Veteläsuo, Lung Health Organization Filha ry, 040- 575 3050, ulla.vetelasuo (a) Nurse
Marja-Terttu Nuorivuori, City of Kouvola, tel.

Asthma and COPD are common folk diseases that affect at least 10% of the adult population, and the morbidity is concentrated in the elderly. Elderly patients with asthma and COPD are often multi-patient and the treatment of respiratory illness may be overshadowed by other ailments that complicate daily life. Respiratory illnesses may also become accustomed to respiratory symptoms and consider dyspnea and impaired performance as age-related.

Functional bellows are a project funded by the Slot Machine Association (now Stea). The project is managed by Filha ry, and the co-operation partners are the Allergy and Asthma Association, the Pharmacy Federation, the Finnish Respiratory and Nursing Research Foundation (HOTUS) and the Kouvola welfare services. Co-operatives in Kouvola include local associations and pharmacies in the area. The funding for the project is 2014-2017 (2018).

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