muokattu: 30.3.2021

Support to five high priority Member States in prevention and control of (Multidrug Resistant) Tuberculosis

Duration 2016–2018
Implementation Consortium of Filha and TBC Consult (Nonna Turusbekova)
Contracting authority European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control ECDC
Short description The project aims to support Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Romania in prevention and control of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.
Contact person Mikko Vauhkonen, +358 44 5442203

Activities in 2016:

  • Training in Tallinn, Estonia 27.–29.9.2016 on latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) management, 30 participants
  • Exchange visit to Helsinki and Turku, Finland 10.–14.10.2016 on tuberculosis contact tracing, 20 participants
  • Concept paper for Romania on a) sustainability of integrated community support services for (MDR) TB treatment and b) training outline for community outreach workers engagement in (MDR) TB treatment adherence

Activities in 2017:

  • Exchange visit to Helsinki, Finland 9.-12.5.2017 with topic “From hospital to ambulatory care”, 20 participants
  • Training in Sofia, Bulgaria 19.–21.10.2017 on prevention and control of TB among vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups and migrants, 25 participants
  • Consultancy for Latvia to develop a national guideline for LTBI preventive treatment for HIV patients and a surveillance registry for LTBI cases and TB contacts

Activities in 2018

  • Exchange visit to Groningen, the Netherlands 23.–27.4.2018 with topic “Tuberculosis infection control: Assessment and implementation of infection control procedures and measures”, 20 participants
  • Training in Vilnius, Lithuania 1.–3.10.2018 on communication about tuberculosis to general public and use of social media, advocacy and communication to local government and policy makers, 20 participants
  • Consultancy for Lithuania to develop a national guideline on integrated services with a focus on case management of MDR TB cases, TB/HIV co-infected cases and cases belonging to vulnerable populations