muokattu: 13.6.2019

Ilo hengittää – Filha 110 vuotta, juhlasymposium

Family and Basic Service Minister Juha Rehula opened the opportunity to highlight the good work done in our country to reduce tuberculosis. In this public health work, Filha has played a significant role for 110 years. He also highlighted our efforts to reduce smoking and our country’s goal to be “Smokeless Finland 2030”. This goal is achieved by Filha. In the government’s flagship project, in collaboration with healthcare and organizations, we strive to reduce smoking among people with mental health and substance abuse problems.

Chief Physician Asko Järvinen explained the new challenges of tuberculosis. The picture of tuberculosis in our country is internationalized and sometimes cross-border cooperation is needed in case studies. Professor Kari Reijula ​​led us to the goals of the Smokeless Finland and the efforts of several actors to achieve this goal.

Our president, Jaakko Herrala, created a review of Filha’s tuberculosis-centered history, and also opened up a wide range of activities for today’s lung health. Role of our Association In the Allergy Program, Professor Erkka Valovirra presented a major trainer of health care professionals.

According to Professor Riitta Kaarteenaho, the importance of COPD as a disease of the population and the prevalence of the disease in women in the light of recent research. Marina Erhola, General Director of THL, captured the public’s interest by telling about her own experiences and what she feels like when the spirit really distresses. He described the matter from the point of view of his work, healthcare and the individual.