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Weight loss can make it harder to stop smoking

One reason for continuing smoking may be that smoking cessation would cause weight gain. The links between these smoking-related pressures to smoking and smoking cessation have been studied relatively much, but less at the population level. 

LL Eeva-Liisa Tuovinen defends her thesis on 15 June 2013 at 12 noon at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Helsinki. Opponent Tuula Vasankari, Professor of Labor Life, Secretary General

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Even mild obstructive pulmonary disease increases the risk of premature death 

COPD is a common, mainly smoking-induced, progressive disease that causes permanent stenosis to the bronchi. Stopping smoking is the best way to prevent the disease from progressing.

LL Tiina Mattila will be debating on June 16, 2015 at 10.15 am at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Medicine, on “Airway Obstruction and Mortality”. At Seth Wichmann Hall, Women’s Clinic, Haartmaninkatu 2. 
The doctoral candidate has worked under the guidance of Secretary General Tuula Vasankar.

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