muokattu: 13.6.2019

Keuhkoahtaumatautia sairastava tarvitsee enemmän tukea omahoidon toteutukseen

COPD is a progressive and life-limiting disease that can be prevented and treated but not cured. High-quality, supported self-care increases the well-being of the sick and his loved ones and is an important part of the treatment package.

“Although the importance of self-care guidance is known, the need for COPD is not always recognized. In addition, the content of guidance varies, ”says researcher Hannele Siltanen from the Research Foundation for Nursing.   

An expert team set up by the Nursing Research Foundation, which also included a pulmonary obstructive experience expert, will publish on September 24, 2018, nationwide, research-based treatment recommendations for the management of COPD. The announcement will be held on 24.9. 2018 at 17:15 – 18:30 in Filha, Sibeliuksenkatu 11 A 1, Helsinki 

On the initiative of Filha ry, treatment recommendations have been drawn up for use by healthcare professionals with COPD and their relatives. “Recommendations are being taken, for example, through training in the whole social and health care area, including primary health care and everyday care. Practical guidelines and checklists can be prepared for treatment recommendations, ”says Secretary General Tuula Vasankari from Filha.

The new self-care guidance management recommendation addresses issues such as: for patients with COPD:

  • smoke-free environment
  • symptoms and mental well-being
  • drug treatment
  • physical activity
  • nutrition
  • prevention of exacerbations and
  • realizing the need for close knowledge and support


Self-care is important because the most important things in the treatment are quitting smoking and increasing exercise, and using the medication to reduce symptoms and exacerbations. Also, the loved ones need information and support at different stages of the disease.

At the end of the disease, palliative care aims at good symptomatic treatment and quality of life.

The recommendation is available on  .

The release is also available on ePressi .

Additional Information:

Hannele Siltanen 
Nursing Research Foundation (Hotus)

tel. +358 50 527 7433

Tuula Vasankari 
Professor, Secretary General, Specialist in Lung Diseases 
Filha ry

tel. +358 50 545 0589


The main task of the Nursing Research Foundation (Hotus) is to develop and establish evidence-based nursing in order to increase the effectiveness of social and health care methods and to promote public health.

Filha  promotes public health in Finland, in particular by combating lung diseases and tuberculosis, and by promoting lung health in the population.

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