muokattu: 27.2.2023

Mitä on hyvä tietää lapsen ja nuoren tuberkuloosista? (video)

Eeva Salo points out that in Finland, the incidence of a child with tuberculosis is very rare nowadays, and as a result, it is difficult to identify the disease because there is no doubt about tuberculosis. In addition, the child’s symptoms of tuberculosis can be very vague, which makes identification difficult. The most important symptom of Salo is an unremitting cough.

If you are suspected of being infected, a small child will be examined in a hospital. Because the source of the infection is usually older, the knowledge of the child’s exposure to tuberculosis is an important clue to the doctor, says Salo and emphasizes that the infection can be treated before it develops into a disease.

Video on child tuberculosis is now published website 

Today 24.3.2017 is celebrating World Tuberculosis Day.