muokattu: 13.6.2019

Nyt on aika aloittaa siedätyshoito hengitystieallergioihin!

Erkka Valovirta, Specialist Doctor and Erja Tommila, Esh, Project Manager, Filha, National Allergy Program 2008-2018

Intolerance treatment is a fatal treatment of IgE-mediated allergic rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis (hereinafter referred to as allergic rhinitis), allergic asthma, and wasp and bee stings allergy (hereinafter referred to as ‘stigma allergy’). The subject of treatment is the adverse symptoms of allergic rhinitis and asthma. In injection, the subject of the treatment is a severe general reaction caused by the injection site.

Intolerance treatment is effective and safe in allergic rhinitis and allergic eye symptoms, allergic asthma and allergy. It is used from the age of 5 onwards.

The treatment is given by subcutaneous injection, sublingual tablets and sublingual injection.

Allergens for injections include birch, timothy, dust mite, cat, dog and horse. Timothy and room dust mite tablet and birch and 5-hay solution are used for sublingual care.

Treatment is initiated by a physician experienced in the study and treatment of allergic diseases. Care guidance is provided by the nurse.

The start-up phase of injection therapy is mainly carried out in special medical care, taking into account local conditions. The maintenance phase of the injection treatment is carried out according to a regional agreement, either in specialized care or in primary health care.

For sublingual therapy, the first dose is given to the healthcare unit starting the treatment. In the future, the patient will take a sublingual tablet at home once a day for 3 years. The sublingual solution starts in early spring, continued daily in the early summer, ie about 5 months in three consecutive years.

Thus, the duration of the treatment is three years, usually five years for the injection.

During treatment, the patient should be monitored at least once a year and at the end of treatment either by a doctor or a caregiver at the place of treatment.

In animal allergy to inject delivery therapy, you can start at any time of the year, but start-up treatment for pollen allergy begins in the autumn after the end of the pollen season.

So now is the time to discuss with the patient about the treatment of discomfort!