muokattu: 13.6.2019

Nyt on aika pistiäisallergian siedätyshoitoon!

Erkka Valovirta, Specialist Doctor and Erja Tommila, Esh, Project Manager, Filha, National Allergy Program 2008-2018

The absolute subject of discomfort is a severe general reaction after injection of a pistachio (bee or bee).

In a mild general reaction, tolerance therapy may be considered when the likelihood of repetition is high or the stutter’s fear affects the patient’s quality of life.

An extensive local reaction is not a subject of cure. Allergic reactions following injection of amps or bees may be extensive local reactions (redness and swelling of more than 10 cm or hives).

Beekeepers are a risk group for difficult reactions. In Finnish material, 26% of beekeepers had received a general reaction of bee injections and 38% of a large local reaction.

Of the bee-keepers, 1.6% received a general reaction of the wasp and 10% of a large local reaction.

Beekeepers who are allergic to the bees and have a mild general reaction should be treated as desired by the patient.

Children’s reactions are usually mild and the reactions to repetition are even milder. For this reason, tolerance therapy is not recommended for children under 16 years of age who are allergic to mumps and who are allergic to gout. Treatment of children with severe general reactions is appropriate.

More than 90% of allergy allergies and about 80% of bees suffer from allergic treatment with full protection.

Even in patients who respond to the relapse despite the intolerance treatment, the reactions are much less severe than before the treatment.

57% to 79% of those who have anaphylaxis or other severe general reaction get a general reaction to the new injection.

Consciousness that tolerance therapy is likely to prevent anaphylactic reactions improves the quality of life.

In the allergy allergy treatment is continued for 5 years, after which the efficacy is maintained for at least seven years in most patients (at least 80%).

Treatment of injectable allergies always includes guidance on avoiding relapses and first aid (adrenaline injector).

Remember to always send an injection site for a patient with a severe allergic reaction to a medical treatment for special care.

Reference: Tolerance Treatment Current Care Recommendation, Duodecim 2011