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Savuton Suomi 2030 -tavoite voidaan saavuttaa vain tarjoamalla järjestelmällistä tukea tupakoinnin lopettamiseen

Most Smokers want to stop smoking, but strong dependence and lack of support can make it difficult. “The Smoke Free Finland 2030 goal, which is recorded in the Tobacco Act, will not be achieved unless systematic tobacco smuggling services are developed systematically,” says THL expert Hanna Ollila .

On the Day of Tobacco and Health, organized by the Filha Association of Lung Disease Experts and THL, we are looking for ways to ensure consistent smoking cessation support throughout the country. This year’s theme is ” Inevitably Towards Nicotine “.

Smoking remains a major public health problem in Finland. Every second smoker dies prematurely for the illness caused by smoking.

Healthcare needs more units for smoking tobacco

The role of health care in tobacco smoking is significant. “It is important for every doctor and nurse to ask their patients about smoking and to support smoking cessation. To make this possible, they need training. There should be health care nurses who can be guided by the smoker, ”says Professor Tuula Vasankari , a specialist in lung disease . “Every hospital district or sote area should have a smoking unit,” he continues.

According to Vasankar, it would also be better to use the peer support to stop smoking, and to train more experience experts to support social and health care to help the smoker stop.

In the panel discussion, there are political ways to tackle the use of tobacco and snus

During the Tobacco and Health Day, a panel discussion will be held in which representatives of different parties are looking for key ways to promote tobacco policy in future decision-making. Discussions include how to prevent the use of young tobacco and other nicotine products, to increase tobacco tax regularly, and to protect non-smoking habitats. The panelists also take a stand on how to organize tobacco withdrawal services. Particular concern is the increased use of snus.

Filha ry cooperates with the Department of Health and Welfare to organize the 8th National Tobacco and Health Day on January 23, 2019. The venue is the Department of Health and Welfare, Mannerheimintie 166, Helsinki.

Tobacco & Health Day Program:

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