muokattu: 13.6.2019

Selkokielistä materiaalia ja verkkoryhmiä tupakoinnin lopettamisen tueksi!

Clear-language material to help stop smoking

The Lung Health Association Filha ry trains peer educators to help stop smoking. Filha has produced support materials for the trainees, such as the handbook and motivation cards. There is information about the materials, among others. what motivates you to quit and how to quit smoking completely.

Now Filha has also produced material in plain language. A clear-cut path to a non-smoking card follows the steps that a smoker can design to quit, investigate their own smoking patterns, and anticipate post-cessation risk situations.

“Producing plain-language material is very important,” says project worker Miska Reinikainen, “because we are also working with smokers who do not have Finnish as their mother tongue”. Specialist Patrick Sandström says: “Quitting smoking is a skill. Unless you understand the language well enough, good instructions may remain unused ”. The philalists agree that the plain language version reaches people better. In addition, the need for clear language is constantly increasing.

Support materials and groups are online – for free

Peer-to-peer materials are available at Filha’s website. There is a lot of information available on how to prepare for situations where tobacco smack is striking and how nicotine replacement products are used correctly.

Filha’s peer tutors work on the Tukinet web service and provide discussion support, as well as information about quitting smoking and the different stages of addiction for four weeks. Tukinet Group starts on Monday 7.1.2019.

If the finisher feels like Facebook is a more natural environment for himself, you will find Filha-trained peer tutors from the closed Luovu Tobacco group. The Facebook group has begun in early autumn, but can always fit.

For deliveries

Related questions are answered by Patrick Sandström at Filha ry, Pairing for Tobacco, tel. +358 405150512 and Miska Reinikainen, tel. 044-5487333.

Peer-to-Peer Project Pages

Path to smoke-free card  (pdf)