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Suomalainen tuberkuloosipotilas on iäkäs suomalaissyntyinen tai nuori maahanmuuttaja

More than 10 million people suffer from tuberculosis every year. Last year, 232 new cases of tuberculosis were detected in Finland. A typical tuberculosis patient is a middle-aged 72-year-old Finnish or 33-year-old immigrant. An immigrant comes from an area where tuberculosis is a common disease. The number of people suffering from the disease in Finland has remained unchanged in recent years.

It is always good to keep in mind the possibility of tuberculosis when the patient has typical symptoms. These include prolonged cough, sputum, fever and weight loss. Tuberculosis is transmitted by inhalation, but infection usually requires long or repeated exposure. The close relationship of the tuberculosis patient is investigated and potential infections are treated according to the new instructions.

24.3. Celebrating World Tuberculosis Day.

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