muokattu: 13.6.2019

Täydennyskoulutusta ahtauttavista keuhkosairauksista

Treatment recommendations describing the content of self-care guidance for COPD were published by the Nursing Research Foundation in autumn 2018. . In 2019, Filha organizes training to support the adoption of guidance recommendations, in conjunction with university lung clinics.

Filha also continues regional lung training with lung units in hospital districts. The content of regional bronchi is always planned together with the region’s health care. The focus areas of 2019 are matters related to the treatment and rehabilitation of an aging respiratory tract. The target group is the primary health care, elderly care and home care staff.

Training on spirometry implementation and interpretation will begin now, after a few years of break.

Filha again organizes the National Bronchial Diseases on 24-25 September 2016 in Helsinki.

For more information on future training, please contact Ulla Veteläsuo, tel. +358 40 575 3050 or email . You can also send training requests to Ulla.