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Tunnista, motivoidu ja hoida – lupa puhua keuhkoahtaumataudista!

Changing Attitudes – Motivating To Game – Permission To Speak
Are our eyebrows rising when someone says they are suffering from COPD? Tobacco is by far the biggest cause of COPD and smoking can therefore affect attitudes. What does the doctor think when a patient with smoking COPD continues to enter?

A smoking patient may give an idea of ​​the challenge and lack of motivation for treatment, especially when it comes to giving up smoking. Is it really the case that people with COPD do not want to take responsibility for their own illness? This is not often the case, it only requires getting used to. Stopping smoking is not easy without support and motivation, both of which are needed to slow down the progression of COPD.

Concentration on Solution-Based Concentration – Permission to Speak
There is, unfortunately, between guilt and guilt in the air. It does not improve the situation and does not create room for well-being. Hence, should healthcare professionals as well as those with COPD and suspects change their internal regulations from problem-centered to solution-oriented? Even if the disease has already progressed, something can often be done about it. Healthcare professionals can become familiar with support and motivation. It is advisable for those who are ill to move from worrying about this to the present and the coming days, and make them the best without tobacco.

Knowledge of COPD has been increased
New guidance for guidance counseling is available for nursing professionals. COPD is a disease that has a variety of treatments for medication for health-promoting exercise and nutrition. By adding healthy things to life, the weight of unhealthy habits is reduced and motivation for abandonment is reduced. 

Get started with one small change to get the experience and strength of success for the next change. Also, do not forget about mental exercise, active lifestyle, support and motivation – the sick person’s life can be good and full of illness.

November 21st celebrates World’s COPD. We all have people around us who have COPD. Now is the permission to speak.

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